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What We Don’t Accept

We do not accept Vehicles or major component Parts from Vehicles, for example body parts & frames. We also don’t not accept “Burnt” Copper Wire, Beer Kegs, TV’s, Refrigerators, AC Units or Freezers in any condition.

Do Not Accept Items

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  • Garbage or Waste, Wood , Concrete, Dirt, Cardboard, Insulation, Glass, Bricks, Sheet Rock, ETC…
  • Refrigerators, AC Units or Freezers in any condition
  • Oil, Coolant, Hydraulic Fluid or Liquids of Any Kind
  • HVAC equipment with exception of “Certificate of decommission”or received by a HVAC Certified company
  • Burnt Copper Wire
  • Beer Kegs,
  • TV’s, CRT, LCDs or Plasma in any condition
  • Asbestos or Materials Containing Asbestos
  • CFC’s or HCFC’s (Refrigerant)
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB’s) or Materials Containing PCB’s
  • Metal Chain Link Fence with Wood Slats
  • Metal with large amounts of Dirt or Concrete
  • Steel Cable (over 3’ in Length)
  • Mercury Switches or Materials containing Mercury
  • Un-Drained Auto Transmissions or Motor Blocks (Must be absolutely Dry & Free of Oil or Fluids)
  • Trunks or Drums that are Closed, did Contain or do Containing Oil or Hazardous Fluids.
  • Container or Cylinders Sealed & not Clean
  • Sealed Electric Motors (Unless Drain & free of Oil)
  • Un-Deployed Air Bags
  • Radioactive Materials or Materials Containing Radioactivity
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Explosive Military Scrap
  • Aerosols Cans
  • Tires
  • Liquids of Any Kind