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Recycle Unwanted Household Metal Goods With EH Metal Recycling

If you think Vancouver recycling for homeowners is limited only to what you can recycle at the curb – think again! Of course, we always welcome your soda, beer, and other aluminum cans to our recycling center, but why not earn even more quick cash by also bringing us other items that are just gathering dust in your house, attic, basement, or shed?

Q: What does ferrous and nonferrous mean?

A: Nonferrous metals are materials whose value is NOT derived principally from iron and are NOT magnetic, whereas ferrous metals consist mostly of iron (tin/steel) and ARE magnetic.


Household Items You Can Recycle! Here are Some of the common household goods we pay for:

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Brass fixtures and brass knick-knacks
  • Aluminum siding,
  • including gutters and downspouts
  • Christmas lights – yes – Christmas lights
  • Insulated and non-insulated aluminum and
  • copper wire
  • Cast aluminum barbecues
    Steel Barbecues
  • Plumbing pipe, valves and connections Aluminum
  • pots and pans
  • Computer Desktops and Laptops
  • Computer Components
  • motherboards / hard drives
  • Car batteries, And more!
  • Screen doors/aluminum
  • window frames (No Glass)
  • Copper Pipe, Bright copper Wire
  • Lawn mower (Fluid Drained),
  • Washer / Dryer

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Steel Barbecues

Water Heaters