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We purchases Catalytic Converters and Batteries

(Auto, Truck, Industrial)

If you have larger quantities and are a commercial seller, please call our Catalytic Converter Program & Yard Manager, Ben Delong at 360-334-6005.

EH Metal Recycling provides accurate grading, and very competitive pricing on your scrap Catalytic Converters. But there are new Laws. Click here for more details.

— What we need from you to get paid —

  • You MUST provide documentation that the Catalytic Converter in your possession is the result of replacing the catalytic converter from a vehicle Registered or Title in your name.
  • The documentation is not specific – could be vehicle title, registration, or receipt from an repair shop, or an auto parts store.
  • We are not required to validate this information just collect it.

Here are Examples documents

vehicle Title

vehicle Registration

repair bill

Auto Parts Receipt