Frequently Asked Questions - Scrap Metal General FAQ's

FAQs - Scrap Metal General FAQ's

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Sorry not at this time. We are working on passable to start in the spring of 2017.

Yes, if the total value of the metals you bring in equals $30 or more a check will be given to you at time of transaction. If the total value of the metals your bring in is less than $30 you will be paid cash. You will not be paid "cash" more than once per day on non-ferrous scrap metal. We do pay 100% cash for Steel & Aluminum cans.

Sorry no, we do not buy or except Refrigerator, Freezer, AC Unit, Dehumidifiers or home Heat Pumps. Best place to take it is the local dump. They will dispose of it properly.

We will buy them if you are a certified HVAC Company or Refrigeration Certified trained technician. The equipment will have to have be completely drained of refrigerant and we my ask for you licence.

Sorry no, for the latest up to date pricing please contact us at 360-334-6005 or

Yes, bring them in.

Yes, bring it in. They value will be graded on by the percentage of copper recovery excluding the weight of the plastic / insulation.

Yes, we accept all appliances except Refrigerator, Freezer, AC Unit or Dehumidifiers.

Sorry no, all tires must be properly disposed of. We can not except any load with tires in it.

The answer is actually pretty simple. What those differences mean when it comes to the buying and selling of scrap material, however, takes a bit more explaining.

Simple Answer:
Ferrous metals and alloys contain iron; non-ferrous materials do not.

No, we accept them both ways. But we do need them glass, plastic removed if any.

Well there is a much longer story but the simple answers is "Eco Harmony Metal Recycling". We joke around that is Ethel & Henry Metal Recycling. But really call us what ever you want as long as you bring us metal.


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